At Digitas, I’ve been deeply involved in the optimisation efforts for the Tourism Australia (TA) website.

This has involved a wide range of tasks, including the implementation and consistent upkeep of the TA’s Design System and Components Library. Additionally, I've undertaken activities such as thorough discovery phases, extensive exploratory work, validation through user testing, gathering and synthesis of valuable insights, and the creation of both low and high-fidelity prototypes.

Map tool (MVP):

One notable achievement has been the reiteration, development, and introduction of the innovative map tool’s MVP. Through its incorporation, there was a remarkable transformation in user engagement, with the average time spent on the website soaring from ~30 seconds to an impressive ~12 minutes.

This achievement was particularly significant as it led to maps tool recognition as a Webby Awards nominee and honoree, highlighting the excellence and impact of our work in the travel industry.

Full case study coming soon.

  • 2023 Webby Awards Honoree (Websites and Mobile Sites - Best Visual Design - Function).
  • 2023 Webby Awards Nominee (Websites and Mobile Sites - Travel & Lifestyle).
Client: Tourism Australia
Agency/Studio: Digitas

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