My assignment at ED. Digital involved elevating the digital experience for Mason Stevens, a privately owned firm specialising in investment administration and managed account solutions across multi-assets and multi-currencies. The focus was on creating a professional and trustworthy digital presence based on existing wireframes.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Discovery: Conducted a comprehensive review of existing wireframes and identified opportunities to enhance the digital experience. Researched industry best practices and competitor approaches to identify key trends and areas for improvement. Utilised data insights to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current digital representation.

  2. User-centric approach: Collaborated with the internal team to ensure alignment with the firm's key audience and communication goals.

  3. Iterative design and prototyping: Worked collaboratively to develop and refine the digital experience based on the established wireframes. Art directed and incorporated portrait shots from a photoshoot as focal points on the website, aiming to foster trust and confidence by humanising the firm's staff.

  4. Design System and components library development: Established a design system to maintain consistency and scalability across the digital experience. Organised a components library to facilitate the seamless integration of visual elements and maintain a cohesive online presence.

  5. Collaboration and communication: Engaged closely with stakeholders, including professional advisers and key decision-makers. Presented digital designs to stakeholders, and incorporated feedback to ensure alignment with the firm's values.

Problem Areas:

Identified challenges in the existing digital representation that hindered the establishment of trust and confidence with the firm's key audience. The existing corporate web presence was perceived as ‘anonymous’ and ‘generic’.


  • Focused on a user-centric approach, emphasising the expertise and credibility of professional advisers.
  • Prioritised iterative design and prototyping to refine the digital experience.
  • Art directed and incorporated portrait shots strategically to bridge the gap between the audience and the firm's staff, fostering a sense of trust.

Research, ideation, and validation:

Conducted research activities to understand the competitive landscape and expectations of the firm's key audience.


A new Mason Stevens' digital experience, validated through feedback, has resulted in a professional and trustworthy online presence. This promises to leave a lasting impression, reinforcing the firm's position as a reputable and trusted player in the financial industry.

Client: Mason Stevens 
Agency/Studio: ED. Digital

Discover. Define. Learn. Repeat.