My tasks at ED. Digital was to redefine the visual identity and digital presence of The Kennedy Awards for Excellence in Journalism, an event organised by the Kennedy Foundation, a registered charity supporting news media professionals facing hardship. The goal was to capture the essence of prestige and highlight the glamour of the Awards' Gala.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Discovery: Conducted a thorough analysis of the existing visual identity and brand elements. Researched industry standards and competitor visual identities to identify key trends and opportunities for improvement.
  2. User-centric approach: Leveraged insights from industry websites and news media platforms to craft initial visual concepts and user experiences.
  3. Iterative design and prototyping: Developed initial concepts for the Awards' visual identity and subjected them to feedback sessions to evaluate their alignment with the prestigious essence of the event. Developed wireframes and translated them into visual prototypes for further refinement.
  4. Design System and components library development: Established a cohesive visual identity for The Kennedy Awards, ensuring consistency and scalability in all brand elements.

Problem Areas:

Identified challenges in the existing visual identity that did not adequately capture the prestige and glamour of The Kennedy Awards, potentially hindering its ability to resonate with the industry's high standards.


Focused on an art direction to ensure the new visual identity aligns with industry standards and values. Prioritised iterative design and prototyping to refine the Awards' website.


As we anticipate final approval for the transition to full implementation, the iterative enhancements in The Kennedy Awards' visual identity, validated through industry feedback, have resulted in a cohesive and prestigious brand representation. This promised a transformative experience aligned with the high standards and values of journalism professionals, positioning The Kennedy Awards as a distinguished event in the industry.

Client: Kennedy Awards
Agency/Studio: ED. Digital

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